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Lockbox Service

The Ministry, through its postal networks, offers varieties of postal services and products to the public. One of those services that are critical and important to the post as a major source of revenue generation is the Lock-Box Service. Private lock-box is a subscription service offered to institutions and individuals wishing to obtain a private lock-box for their inbound mail arriving at the post offices in Liberia.

Requirements for Obtaining a Lock-Box

The below steps are the procedures leading to obtaining a private lock-box service.

  1. Customers obtain an application form free of charge from the lock-box section at the post offices or at the E-Liberia website (
  2. The form may be filed online or manually, and the hard copy returned to the lock-box section for the activation of number filing.
  3. Upon return of the form, customers are required to obtain a bank invoice/slip from the lock-box section, banking windows at designated locations, and /or sub-post offices, where necessary, invoices shall be delivered directly to the customer’s premises.
  4. Lock-box bank invoice/slip is taken to the designated bank payment window for payment.
  5. Customers obtain the bank receipt and return it with a copy of the bank payment receipt at the lockbox section or sub-post offices to certify/confirm payment. Copy of the receipt is filed with the financial comptrollers’ office and locks box section or sub-post offices to capture information on the electronic and manual database of the lock-box section.
  6. Then customers are issued their lockbox key.
  7. Large business institutions and concessions are required to obtain large or extra–large boxes. Medium businesses are required to obtain medium size boxes.
  8. Lock boxes are not transferable to another person or business except authorized and approved by the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications.
  • It is important to note that, lock boxes are the sole property of the Ministry but are only issued for rental service(s). All delinquent customers for a period of ninety days shall have their boxes re-possessed by the Ministry.

NOTE:  Lockbox service fees are annual payments and customers are expected to pay on the due date the box was obtained. Later payment after 30 days shall accrue an interest of 10% of the service fees. Also, an interest rate of 20% and 30% respectively for delayed payments of 60 and 90 days shall be charged. Above 90days period, the lock-box will be repossessed by the Ministry.