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Hon. Sekou M. Kromah  
Minister / General Posts Master


Hon. Augustine S. Karpeh
Deputy Minister for Administration

The Deputy Minister for Administration heads the Department of Administration and reports to the Minister/Postmaster-General on matters specifically relating to the managerial and administrative functions of the Ministry. The Department of Administration comprises 9 Bureaus through which it manages and administers the affairs of the Ministry: Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Public Affairs, International Accounts, Internal Audit, Procurement, International Organizations, Maintenance, and Postal Inspectorate.  The Department is the supporting arm of the other two programmatic divisions; the Departments of Technical Services and Postal Operations, which are also headed by Deputy Ministers.

The Deputy Minister for Administration (DMA) is the Principal Deputy of the Minister and Postmaster-General. The DMA is responsible for the verification and provision of advice on every document/process with financial implications.  He signs managerial documents, serving as assurance for the approval of the Minister.

However, the Deputy Minister for Administration does not work in isolation from the two other deputies indicated earlier but is the main proxy of the Minister on issues of Administrative nature.   Logistical and staffing support is sourced by the office of the DMA and channeled through its bureaus for the implementation of Postal and telecommunications-related programs. Owing to their strategic functions, the Bureaus of Public Affairs, Internal Audit, Inspectorate, and International Organizations report directly to the office of the Minister.  The Deputy Minister for Administration is assisted by an Assistant Minister for Administration (AMA).


Hon. V. Marshall Sambola
Assistant Minister for Administration

The Assistant Minister for Administration’s responsibilities cover the direct supervision of 5 bureaus within the department of administration, which include the Bureaus of Human Resource Management, Procurement, Financial Management, Maintenance, and International Accounts. The office is also considered the bedpost of the Ministry because of its supportive role in ensuring the smooth operation of every functional area of the Ministry.

During this four-year period under review, the office embarked on numerous programs and activities, among which are: the renovation of the Ministry’s facilities (Central Post Office, Gbarnga Post Office, Randal Street Post Office, and Currently Renovation at the Post Office in Ganta Nimba County), revision of the Ministry’s employee payroll, the institution of strong financial and procurement methods in line with the Public Financial Management Law; and the training of staff as a means of inducing efficiency and productivity in the quality of service to the Liberian people and providing a good working environment for employees of the Ministry. Overall, there exists harmony and cooperation between all sections within the three departments relating to the enhancement of activities of the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications.


Hon. Jeneba Paasewe
Deputy Minister For Operation

The office of the Deputy Minister for Postal Operations (DMO) supervises the largest Department of the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications.  This office is headed by a Deputy Minister.  The functions of the office are mainly to coordinate activities directly related to the delivery of postal products and services across the Liberian postal territory. Considering the volume of activities associated with the Department of Postal Operations, the DMO is assisted by two key technical officers, the Director General of Posts and an Assistant Minister for Planning, Research, Statistics, and Documentation;


Hon. Moses Wright, Assistant
Assistant Minister for Planning, Research Statistics and Documentation

The office of the Assistant Minister for Planning, Research, and Statistics & Documentation of the Ministry falls under the Deputy Minister for Postal Operations. However, as a chief planner of the Ministry. The Assistant Minister’s functions cut across the two other departments. The office is charged with the functions/responsibilities such as collecting, analyzing and interpreting postal statistical data of all inbound and outbound mail items, printed postage stamps, amount of postage stamp affixed to outbound mail items, private lock boxes, private containers lock boxes and stores the Ministry’s documents. It conducts research on postal development and challenges and plans strategies that are geared towards moving the post alongside other growing postal systems. It also coordinates with other departments as its cross-cutting responsibilities in the development and implementation of their programs.


Hon. S. Mohammed Massaley
Deputy Minister for Technical Services

The office of the Deputy Minister assists the Minister in formulating policy on the ICT and the telecommunications sector. The office works with diverse stakeholders both in the public and private sector as well as civil society actors in establishing shared national perspectives on cross-cutting policy issues. It also works with development partners such as the World Bank, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), and other institutions to address policy priorities. It is also responsible for coordinating with sector players such as the Liberian Telecommunications Authority (LTA) and service providers to implement national policy objectives. The role of the ministry in the development of the sector as outlined in the National ICT & Telecommunications policy, the National Telecommunications Acts, and other related instruments that are geared towards facilitating the provision of services falls under the office of the Deputy Minister. Essentially, the office of the Deputy Minister ensures that all ICT and telecommunications programs adopted by ITU and other such bodies of which Liberia is a member are domesticated to meet national objectives.