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About Us

The Ministry of Post & Telecommunications is the institution of the Government of Liberia responsible to develop and promote a people- friendly postal industry and set the agenda of Information Communications Technology (ICT) and Telecommunications in Liberia.

In 1978, a Legislative Act was passed, which named the Ministry of Postal Affairs as the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (MoPT) with a mandate to ensure that the Ministry provide postal services throughout the Country and beyond, and to also serve subscribers to all other communications facilities in Liberia, to provide administrative policy as well as guidelines for postal services and Telecommunications, and to serve as the bridge between the Liberian Government and the International community in the areas of Postal and telecommunications services.

The passage of the Telecommunications Act of 2007 provided the Ministry with a mandate to produce a National Telecommunications and ICT Policy outlining Liberia’s vision to utilize information and communications Technology for overall institutional economic growth and development of the sector. This policy resulted in devolving regulatory functions to the Liberia Telecommunications Authority (LTA) established to regulate and implement this adopted policy and also resulted in the Liberia Telecommunications Corporation (LIBTELCO) being the designated National Operator to provide telecommunications services such as data and video communications as well as high-speed broad band networks services, including e- services with several objectives.