Telecommunications and ICT

The Department of ICT and Telecommunications is responsible to formulate broad ICT and Telecommunication policy and strategies for the nation. These policies and strategies are required to ensure that basic ICT and Telecommunication services are available, reliable and affordable in all parts of our country. It promotes the harmonization of ICT and Telecommunication policies and regulatory frameworks within sub-regional, regional, continental and global bodies. These bodies include ECOWAS, African Union, (AU), and the International Telecommunication Union, (ITU), among others.

The Ministry also ensures that targets set by these bodies to achieve certain goals for all peoples of the world regarding the advancement of communications services become a reality in Liberia. Essentially, its programs and activities are geared towards translating resolutions and relevant concepts into implementable policy framework in line with global trend to facilitate national economic development and to promote programs that support basic social services.

The Department is headed by Deputy Minister for Technical Services and assisted by Assistant Minister for Telecommunications.