Mission & Vision


“To be the leading institution that fosters and promotes accessible and trusted ICT and postal services providing social and economic benefit for all.”



To foster and promote accessible and trusted ICT and postal services for all by:

  1. Establishing a comprehensive legal framework that liberalizes Postal & ICT services in Liberia;
  2. Developing policies of general application to the Postal & ICT sectors, public and private as well as civil society;
  3. Ensuring universal access to Postal & ICT facilities throughout Liberia;
  4. Ensuring effective collaboration and cooperation with key stakeholders, e.g., in the building of capacities in Postal & ICT careers;
  5. Creating an enabling environment that attracts private investment;
  6. Ensuring a well-governed and unique Postal & ICT address system for ease of use;
  7. Ensuring consistency of policies with government development agenda, i.e., AFT, and for the effective monitoring & evaluation of set policies.