To provide postal services throughout the country and beyond.
2. To serve as well as subscribers of all communication facilities in Liberia.
3. To provide administrative policy as well as guidelines for postal services and Telecommunications.
4. To serve as the bridge between the Liberian Government and the International Community in the areas of Postal and
Telecommunications Services.

POSTAL PRODUCTS AND SERVICES OFFERED: ⦁ Expedited Mail Service (EMS) ⦁ Parcel ⦁ Packets ⦁ letters ⦁ Regular Mail : ⦁ Parcel ⦁ Packets ⦁ Registered Letters ⦁ Express Letters ⦁ Ordinary Letters ⦁ Mail Insurance : Insurance on parcels, packets , Express Letter, Registered Letters & EMS mailable items ⦁ Institutional Mail Delivery Services ⦁ Home Mail Delivery Services ⦁ Diplomatic Pouch Services ⦁ Drop Bag Service ⦁ Locked Box Service