The NAPAS Project is to ensure that every Liberian and Foriegn National has unique a address, where he or she can be easily contacted and reached in terms of postal service delivery, security, socio-economic activities, health, as well as Solid Waste Management.

In Liberia, having a physical address is something that we take for granted, but in many developing countries, as well as in some emerging economies, the majority of the people do not have an address. Yet, address is an essential tool for economic and social development.
The lack of National Postal Address System incapacitate national government from effecting the rule of law and the enhancement of socio-economic services. Setting up an addressing system is the first step towards tackling the issue. Addresses are essential for the socio-economic infrastructure of countries. THey contribute not only to improving the efficiency and quality of postal services delivery, but also managing efficient provision of public services and facilitating business and trade activities, as well as national development.

To enhance quick access and secured delivery of postal items like letters, packages, parcels, periodicals, etc.
Develop a natioal post code to geographically subdivide the country in its entirety for the development of the addressing system.
Enhance quick access to criminals in case of effecting arrest.
Government agents can easily locate illegal immigrants.
Fire service personnel can easily locate and reach fire disaster sites for action.
Enhance delivery of goods and commodities to business centers.
Enhance delivery of bills including electricity, water, tax, medical, legal, professional services, etc.
Easy access to business centers for the enforcement of laws and regulations.
Tourists will have access to interested tourist sites 
To provide income generating opportunities in solid waste collection nad disposal.
Provide quick and easy access to ambulance services.
Enhance drugs delivery to health institutions.
Provide easy access to health institutions.
Enabling Medical personnel to easily reach the homes of critical patients for service provision.
Students and teachers can easily locate educational institutions like schools, laboratories, daycare centers, etc.
Enhance the delivery of urgently needed educational logistics and materials to educational institutions.
To ensure and promote the social and environmental sustainability of urban and rural settlement, an effective urban governance system.

NAPAS works with all relevant Public and Private institutions to develop a national postcode to facilitate the establishment of National Postal Address System for the enhancement of social and economic service delivery.
NAPAS also works with government Ministries and Agencies, for their support in order to facilitate the development of this national agenda.
NAPAS has a 15-member Board of Directors/Steering COmmittee comprising of representatives from relevant Ministries and Agencies and chaired by the Minister/PostMaster General of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications. The Steering Committee serves as the policy formulating arm of the Project. NAPAS also has a Secretariat/Management Team which runs the day to day affairs of the Project and assisted by corps of other volunteers on case basis.

Addressing is an essential element of the postal business. Improved address quality and further development and promotion of addressing standards are vital to improving the efficiency and quality of postal services. It facilitates trade by enhancing the circulation of mail and parcels, as awell as reducing the costs to customers. Therefore, where addressing systems do not exist, postal operators are one of teh key stakeholders in tiehr development.

Addressing is not only about receiving mail at home, or direct marketers being able to reach their audiences. The reality is that the addressing issue goes beyond the postal sector and needs to be understood as a major concern to everyone. Address system is one of the bases for national and international communication and trade. Inter-governmental organizatios and other interested parties are also working collectively in the development of a National Addressing System.

The Universal Postal union is a specialized agency of the United Nations. Its International Bureau is in constant contact with postal administrations, which Liberia is no exception. The International Bureau's Addressing Project helps countries requesting assistance to:
Create and promote physical addresses as a key element in reaching citizens.
Develop and introduce a postcode system.
Develop or improve quality of addressing through standards.
Improve International mail exchanges.

Numerical or alphanumerical postal identifier.

  • A unique, indispensible identifier of regions, in countries.
  • A clear and accurate means of identifying the location of delivery points.
  • A key element identifying each delivery office. 
  • A basic element for correct mail sorting, forwarding and delivery.
  • A modern tool for today's technological needs.


  1. Universal Postal Union
  2. Monrovia City Corporation
  3. MInistry of Internal Affairs
  4. Liberia National Police
  5. Ministry of Fianance
  6. Ministry of Public Works
  7. Ministry of Planning & Economic Affairs
  8. Liberia Institute of Statistics and Geo-Information Services
  9. National Election Commission
  10. Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation
  11. National Housing Authority
  12. LACE
  13. UNDP